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High comfort= Low energy air-conditioning system mainly consists of the cold heat source+Capillary heating+Gravity cabinet cooling and dehumidifying system+The new air system

  • Heat source

  • Capillary heating

  • Gravity cabinet cooling and dehumidifying system

  • The new air system

       High comfort, low energy consumption is the use of air-conditioning temperature and humidity control, a high degree of comfort, no noise, save space, save energy, long life, integrity advantages, is the country's most advanced, most environmentally friendly energy-efficient HVAC system.

working principle

        High comfort, low energy air-conditioning system in the winter is provided by the host to the capillary heat, heating the capillary to achieve the effect of heat exchange by radiation with the human body; in the summer to provide cooling source to the capillary gravity cabinet through the host, chilled water capillary gravity cabinet gravity circulation, the use of specific gravity difference between hot and cold air in displacement ventilation principle to achieve the convective heat transfer process to achieve the cooling effect, while when the air excess moisture condensation occurs in the freezer, the condensed water by gravity condensate at the bottom of the cabinet immediate discharge tray to achieve the effect of dehumidification. In winter and summer capillary capillary gravity cabinet combine fresh air purifier device, to provide indoor cold (hot) and the amount of fresh air, air-conditioned environment to provide a high degree of comfort.

System Features

(1)Very comfortable

      The practice shows that the radiation heat transfer is the most comfortable way. Since the grid evenly distributed by the closely spaced parallel capillaries, thermal radiation exchange area is particularly large, so the indoor temperature is very uniform. Capillary gravity convection cabinet due to the use of natural, low noise; low air flow, so no hair feeling. Fresh air using imported fan, low noise, while providing new oxygen-enriched air, into nature as to bring comfort.

(2)Energy-saving and economical

    System features a capillary system, including heating and cooling by radiation, heat source water temperature in summer is higher than conventional air conditioning system, the reasons for low winter assurance system with high energy efficiency, so that the whole system than conventional air conditioning systems more energy efficient. The general running costs of traditional air conditioning 1 / 2-1 / 3.

(3)long lasting

    Capillary network using precast production, products manufactured before each piece must be pressure tested, with high reliability, service life of 50 years by a capillary network consisting of at least PPR pipe.

(4)Equipment layout is simple, high flexibility

   Capillary system is very thin, so that they can completely envelope the room integrally formed on the surface capillary system can be manufactured according to the different needs of various dimensions and characteristics at the factory. They are highly flexible and can be easily installed in the floor or other curved shapes of the ceiling. Capillaries and the entire system of small space requirements, requirements for small story.

(5)Simple maintenance

   Capillary network of water flow is low temperature and pressure of water, which can effectively avoid the high temperature and pressure caused by pipeline damage. Capillary network use closed circulation of pure water, which can effectively avoid the scale line. After capillary damage, only a small area of repair.


   Principle capillary capillary gravity of the cabinet using water circulating heating and cooling to achieve the purpose of human hair no sense. No motor noise and other components need to take measures muffler. The new air purifier uses imported bearings DC brushless EC fan, low sleep mode noise 20-26dB, sleep and rest. New wind noise performance is more than 25dB, sound insulation performance is equivalent to double hollow soundproof windows, complete isolation outside noise.

System components Products

Capillary Introduction

   End of the capillary is a new high end devices. Capillary tip is to use bionics to mimic the body's blood vessels, the common market by the end of the capillary 3.4 × 0.55 mm or 4.3 × 0.8 mm capillary consisting of polypropylene PP spacing of 10 ~ 30mm grid.

     End of the capillary transport of heat the hot water flow rate in the tube collectively holding 0.05 ~ 0.2m / s per square meter grid capillary water content of only 0.4 liters, the system is running when the temperature difference between the water temperature 2 ~ 3 ℃. End of the capillary is one kind of highly efficient radiation large flow of small temperature difference ends.

Capillary principle

   Using 4.3 × 0.8 mm of PPR plastic capillary consisting of intervals of 10-30 mm grid, like the body of the capillary, play with distribution, transmission and gathering function of the liquid. In the grid and human capillary liquid flow rate is basically the same, are 0.05-0.2 m / between s. At the same tissue under the skin capillaries surrounding environment successfully conducted a heat exchange to achieve the purpose of regulating its own temperature.

Capillary Features

High comfort

   The practice shows that the radiation heat transfer is the most comfortable way. The end of the capillary network of radiation system 60% of cold and heat are radiated by the way, and thus form other form than the end of a relatively high degree of comfort.

   Since the grid evenly distributed by the closely spaced parallel capillaries, thermal radiation exchange area is particularly large, so the indoor temperature is very uniform. Hot / cold radiating surface is substantially no temperature difference. And the heat exchange body and the space is mainly in the form of radiation, this static refrigeration and natural warm environment makes the body feel very comfortable, feel the body temperature higher than room temperature 2 ~ 3 ℃. This can additionally achieve the purpose of saving energy. Each room is a separate loop structure, so by installing the room temperature controller can be controlled separately for each room temperature.


   Compared with the traditional fan coil (fan coil exists motors, fans and other interior moving parts, therefore, will produce about 35 ~ 45dB noise), capillary radiation air-conditioning system has no moving parts indoor, interior does not produce any noise, is the quietest air conditioning systems.

Significant energy savings

  Typically the capillary winter water temperature is 26-32 ℃, relatively low compared to conventional air conditioning in the winter water temperature, can save a lot of energy, the same air source heat pump with underfloor heating compared with the capillary and energy efficiency can be increased by more than 30%.

Strong storage / heat storage capacity

  In a power outage or system shutdown state long period of time the temperature will not rise (in summer) or decrease (in winter).

Strong self-regulating balance

  With the decrease in winter the indoor temperature and the temperature difference between radiating increase and improve the heat radiation.

Occupied building clearance small, space-saving construction, fast start

   After leveling the first air-conditioned room in the bathroom wall laying on the ground and capillary mat, and then cast 5-10mm thick plaster to form a radiating surface can be. Due to capillary thin, fast start, generally no more than 30 minutes, particularly suitable for intermittent heating of the room during the day and normal heating, reduced heating temperature setting is on duty during the non-heating state.

Layout flexibility, easy construction

    Capillary relatively light weight, and therefore more flexible arrangement, mounted in many ways, such as ground-mounted, wall plaster installation, its construction more convenient.

And solar and other renewable energy sources can be a perfect match for super-efficient

According to the practice and study of perennial ASTRI expert group in Sichuan capillary heating system in winter, the water temperature around 35 ℃ indoor temperature can be maintained at above 18 ℃, especially for systems with solar collectors, air source or ground source heat pump with the use of heat pumps to achieve more energy-saving effect.

Gravity cabinet Introduction

   Capillary gravity cabinet is made of a low-cost method to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity and maintain within the desired range. This is accomplished through the indoor air convection cooling freezer. This allows condensation in freezers can achieve ultra-quiet dehumidification function. When excess moisture in the air condenses in the freezer to produce condensate drain through the bottom of the freezer immediate discharge. If they are used in conjunction with the indoor air conditioning system does not allow condensation cold better overall ceiling.

Cabinet gravity principle

Capillary circulation inside the cabinet built using the specific gravity difference between hot and cold air, in order to implement the principle of displacement ventilation convective heat transfer process.

Gravity cabinet features

1, high heat transfer coefficient and a lot of capillaries disposed therein, so that each capillary gravity cycle air conditioning cabinet cooling capacity of up to 1280w, if more use consumes only a few dozen watts to increase cross flow fan cabinet air flow, the cooling capacity can also be at least doubled;

2, it can take up residence in the indoor wall, thus saving space available within households;

3, can be introduced into the new central air cabinet, can enhance its dehumidification capacity;

4, due to the use of natural convection, low noise;

5, since the air flow rate is low, so no hair feeling;

6, by adjusting the amount of water to adjust the cooling capacity, a high degree of automation.

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