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Affiliate built source asking you to confirm the following information:

1, you have a legally registered business companies or self-employed business license, or after the contract, go through the documents.

2, the legal representative (manager) have a certain economic strength, with some management experience and ideas, a good reputation, cause serious and pragmatic attitude.

3, in line with national regulations regarding the sales premises management class, has a legitimate place of business, there is a fixed hardware and software facilities.

4, have a certain ability to resist risks and good team spirit, culture and brand identity built source business model, subject to Sichuan to build Energy Saving Technology Co., unified management.

5, the franchisee should follow the principles of honesty and propaganda operations, not hype, and effectively for the sake of users, relying on the company's headquarters building strong scientific research strength, to provide users with high comfort issued by the best low-energy heating and air conditioning, fresh air system, indoor air pollution control system design.

6, the franchisee has an understanding of the country to promote green building and building energy efficiency work.

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