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       Si chuan jian yuan jie neng ke ji you xian gong si is a collection development, production, sales and engineering services as one, green, energy, health, environmental protection concept, high-tech enterprise dedicated to improving the human living environment; mainly engaged in energy-saving and healthy indoor environment R & D production, high comfort low energy hot water heating and air conditioning system design and implementation of research and development, energy-saving projects and technical services.

      Our aim: to create value for customers honesty, harmony between man and nature as the value orientation, comfortable and healthy as the main principle, to create forest-like indoor environment for every customer.

      Our team: The company R & D team strength, rich experience, mainly R & D personnel with Southwest Institute for Nuclear Physics, long-term experience, the company main production department personnel and other high-tech center in Chengdu EEB unit has a global manufacturing center bead 20 years experience in large-scale manufacturing enterprises triangle.

       Our products: new patented ultra-thin surface mounted air purifier and noise-free capillary ecological air conditioning system; it is the company's research and development team integrated the Austrian National Research Institute (AIT) and other world-class technology, after 10 years of continuous refinement, the Chinese market launch of the series core comfortable and healthy indoor environment products.

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 phone number:028-84219095

 Mr Xu: 13350865103  


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